Antibacterial Hygiene

Duvarlarda bakteri oluşumunu %99 oranında önler.* *Sağlık Bakanlığı tarafından ruhsatlandırılmıştır.** E.Coli, Saerus, MRSA, VRE, A. brasiliensis, P.purpurogenum bakterilerine karşı %99 koruma sağlar. ** Sağlık Bakanlığı Ruhsat Tarihi ve Numarası- 06.04.2016-2016/70
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Key information
  • Finish Semi-matt
  • Coverage 14 m2/L
  • Drying Time Waiting time between coats is min. 2 hours. Full drying time is min. 24 hours. Drying time may be longer at high relative humidity and low temperature.
  • Coats 2
Product Features
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy Application
  • UV Resistant
  • High Color Resistance

Product Description

Wipeable topcoat with no irritating odor, no discoloration over time, no yellowing, high coverage and good adhesion,
semi-matte interior wall paint. Thanks to the silver ions in its content, it provides 99%* protection against bacteria, ensuring hygiene in all spaces used.
comfort. In addition, silver ions provide an effective resistance against mold and fungi that may form on the wall surface due to moisture, dampness and airlessness.
shows Licensed by the Ministry of Health**.
* Provides 99% protection against E.Coli, Saerus, MRSA, VRE, A. brasiliensis, P.purpurogenum bacteria.
** Ministry of Health License Date and Number: 06.04.2016-2016/70

Application Description

Application surfaces must be dry, dust-free, clean and smooth. It is used as a final coat on all kinds of interior surface walls where plaster, putty priming, etc. sub-surface processes have been completed. A thin layer of Satin Plaster Primer should be used before Antibacterial Hygiene paint is applied to the surfaces on which putty or gypsum putty has been applied. It is recommended to apply 1 coat of Transfer Primer before Antibacterial Hygiene paint on old painted surfaces that have been previously painted with water or solvent-based paint, contaminated or where a decorative color change is desired. At least 2 coats should be applied depending on the surface condition 24 hours after the primer coat applications. Waiting time between coats is min 2 hours.

Health & Safety


Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    For interior use. It is recommended to apply on smooth and even substrates to ensure the appearance properties.
  • 2. Cleaning
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