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Key information
  • Coverage 20 m2/L
  • Drying Time It is recommended to wait 24 hours for the topcoat to be applied.
  • Coats 1
Product Features
  • Easy Application
  • Strengthens Adhesion and Increases The Strength Of the Topcoat

Product Description

It binds free dust on the surface by penetrating well to the applied surfaces. Moisture inhibitor that greatly reduces moisture permeability and water absorption on surfaces
is a primer. It is used on interior and exterior surfaces.

Application Description

a) Uses for insulation lining purposes: INSULATION thinned according to the thinning ratio in cases where it will be used as an insulation material for its water-repellent feature.
ASTARI can be used on painted surfaces or on plaster, exposed concrete etc. that will not be painted. It is applied to the surfaces with a roller. In the application for insulation purposes, the product is a film on the surface.
It should not be painted over. Otherwise, the paint surface will crack and lift and the paint will not be able to hold.
b) Uses for paint primer: ISOLATION PRIMER is used to reduce the absorption of the paint to be applied on it and to ensure better adhesion to the surface.
In such cases, 1 part Isolation PRIMER should be thinned with 7 parts water and applied to the surface with a very thin layer with a roller. Avoid overlapping during application and
Attention should be paid to primer thinning rates so that a film is not formed. Otherwise, it will cause cracking and wavy appearance in the paint to be applied on it.

Health & Safety

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    Used on exposed concrete, gas concrete, plasterboard, brick, gypsum putty etc. building elements
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